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MTBE Plant
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MTBE is a colorless, transparent liquid, due to its high centane number and good blending property with gasoline, it is widely used as the gasoline additive; also it is hydrolysed to produce high purity iso-butene; thks to its chemical resistance, it is applied as reaction solvents, extractants and chromatography liquid. MTBE is produced by the etherification of methanol and mixed C-4(including iso-butene) in presence of acid catalyst. Depending on the different etherification reactor, there are mainly 6 MTBE production processes, i.e., Fixed Bed Reaction Process, Expansion Bed Reaction Process, Catalysis-Distillation Reaction Process, Expansion Bed-Catalysis Distillation Reaction Process, Mixed Phase Reaction Process and Mixed Phase Reaction Distillation Process. SL TEC offers Catalysis Distillation Reaction Process for MTBE production. This process combines mixed phase reaction with separation, blends the advantages of mixed phase reaction technology and that of catalysis distillation technology, which ensures in deep conversion (conversion yield reaching about 99%).

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