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PPC (polypropylene carbonate)

PPC Technology Introduction

PPC (polypropylene carbonate) is a completely biodegradable environment-friendly plastic synthesized from carbon dioxide and propylene oxide. Besides, due to its using the main source of greenhouse gases---CO2 as the feedstock, PPC not only reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, but also reduces the consumption of fossil fuel. Compared to the degradable PLA(polylactide), it has advantages of high strength, good ductility, lower production cost and etc. PPC polyol with low molecular weight are used to replace conventional petroleum-based polyether, polyester and polycarbonate polyols, while PPC with high molecular weight are employed as film products, oxygen barrier material, injection molding material and etc., especially in package industry and agriculture.


SL TEC offers high molecular weight PPC production technology, with the development history as below:

In 1998, the research of CO2 based plastic began;
In 2001, the first over 1,000TPA  PPC pilot line was built and successfully accepted;
In 2012, 30,000TPA PPC production line was built and successfully put into production;
In 2013, the technology was upgraded to increase the molecular weight to 300,000;
In 2016, a 30,000TPA PPC plant using new technology is under construction

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