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Polymethoxy dimethyl ether, abbreviated as DMMN or PODEn, has a structural formula of CH3 (OCH2) nOCH3, in which n=3-6. It is a colorless or light yellow volatile flammable liquid with a slight ether odor.

Main physical and chemical properties of DMMN series single component products:

CompoundBoiling point (℃)Oxygen ContentCetane No.Flashing pointDensity

Main application:

DMM3-6 can be used as a blending component for clean diesel, with properties similar to diesel. When blended into diesel, there is no need to modify the vehicle's engine fuel supply system. Its cetane number is as high as 76, oxygen content is 47%~50%, and it is sulfur free and aromatic free. When it is adjusted to 10%~20% in the diesel oil middle, it can significantly reduce the cold filter plugging point of diesel oil, improve the combustion quality of diesel oil in the engine, and improve the thermal efficiency. DMM2, DMM3, and DMM4 are also a type of solvent with extremely strong solubility.

DMMn is a clean diesel fuel synthesized from coal:


Product Advantage:

High content of oxygen: O%=42~53%;

High cetane number: :CN>70;

Good compatibility with diesel;

Improve the combustion efficiency of diesel in diesel engines;

Can significantly reduce the black smoke content in diesel vehicle exhaust emissions;

Can significantly reduce PM2.5 particulate matter emissions in diesel vehicle exhaust emissions; 

Storage condition:

(1)Store in a cool and ventilated place. If placed outdoors, it should be covered with rainproof cloth or other materials. If there is a large amount of storage and there is no rainproof cloth, the bucket should be tilted and placed at a 75 ° angle with the ground. The large and small covers on the bucket should be on the same horizontal line to prevent rainwater from infiltrating. 

(2)Fire safety regulations must be implemented during storage and transportation. Smoking and fire must be strictly prohibited, and complete fire-fighting equipment should be installed. When pumping or pouring oil, the oil tank and live pipes must be grounded with conductive metal wires to prevent static electricity from accumulating and catching fire.

(3)When opening and closing the lid of the container, a special wrench must be used, and chisels and hammers are not allowed to prevent sparks and fire. Before opening, it should be wiped clean, and when closing, a gasket should be added to avoid dirtying the oil.

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