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Phenols have a variety of compounds, with the most important ones incl. phenol(carbonic acid), and cresol(o-cresol, m-cresol and p-cresol); among them, phenol is mainly used as the feedstock for di-phenol A production and phenol formaldehyde production; o-cresol is widely used in the synthesis of resin, pesticide, medicine, perfume, dyes, antioxidant and etc.; m-cresol is an very important feedstock for the production of Vitamin E; p-cresol is widely applied in the synthesis of BHT, the most employed antioxidant in the world. SL TEC offers the technology of crude phenol purification with the phenol either from coking phenol, or gasified phenol or alkylation liquid. Based on the facts that the boiling points of the main product and the by-products are quite different @ certain condition and the boiling points will decrease with the reducing of the pressure, SL TEC's technology lowers the separation temperature by reducing the system system, distill, separate and purify to get high purity phenol separately.

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