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Preparation Method of Dioxolane

Jun 17, 2017

Dioxolane is an excellent organic solvent, used widely, is the key material of lithium battery electrolyte, can be used as the main raw materials of engineering plastics POM (POM), also for oil and fat solvents, extractants; chlorine-based solvent stabilizer, drug intermediates, can also be used as silk finishing agent and sealing adhesive materials.

The current preparation method of dioxolane has three kinds, POM and ethylene glycol occurred chemical reaction in the role of ferric chloride catalyst at 90 ~ 110℃, and then atmospheric distillation, and then distillation refined; Ethylene glycol and formaldehyde reaction in the dioxolane plant can be obtained dioxolane; Ethylene oxide and formaldehyde in the presence of Lewis acid catalyst can be obtained.

Dioxolane Plant

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