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Structured Packing
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Sheets Combined Corrugated Structured Packing (Zupak)
Each periodic ripple of the Zupak is composed of more than four intermittent planar graphic sheets located on four planes. The lateral projection shape is two interlaced corrugated lines. The uniform parallelogram channel on the filler has completely replaced the circular holes on the regular structured packing. It can not only save 8.5% of the material, but also increase the specific surface area of the corresponding quantity. The packing has the advantages of low pressure, large flux, good transversal air permeability and high separation ability. It can be widely used in the industrial fields of distillation, absorption, extraction, heat exchange, washing and so on.

Compared to corresponding Mellapak packing, Zupak has advantages as follows:
The specific area increases by around 10%;
The porosity opening rate increases by 30-40%;
The separation efficiency increases by about 10%;
The throughout increases 20%;
The pressure drop decreases around 30%.

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