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Introduction of Methyl Acetate

Feb. 24, 2017

Methyl acetate, is a colorless transparent liquid, with a fragrance. In the international community, it has gradually become a mature product, used to replace acetone, butanone, ethyl acetate, cyclopentane and so on. Because methyl acetate is not limited to the use of organic pollutants emissions, can meet the paint, ink, resin, adhesive factory new environmental standards.

Its application gradually became widespread, high purity methyl acetate are mainly used as the intermediates for medicines, agriculatural chemicals, as organic solvents required in resin, coatings, printing ink, painting, adhesive industry. Crude methyl acetate as the grease extractant for man-made leather manufacture. High purity methyl acetate used in fragances, especially in edible essence. High purity methyl acetate to be used to synthesize acetic acid, acetic anhydride, methacrylate, vinyl acetate.

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Methyl Acetate Plant

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