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A Method for The Production of Methyl Acetat

Apr. 05, 2017

The process is a step of using the overall process of methyl acetate downstream operation. The process comprises continuously feeding methanol and acetic acid into an esterification reactor, the reactor contains esterification catalyst and azeotrope acetic acid that is slightly soluble in water and forms a minimum azeotrope. The product mainly comprises methyl acetate, unreacted methanol, an azeotrope and water, and the product is distilled in a distillation column to include the overhead fraction of methyl acetate.

The overhead fraction was cooled portion of the overhead is returned to the column as a primary reflux, the remaining methyl acetate can be passed through or without further purification to the downstream stream without further purification, liquid containing water, methyl acetate and an azeotrope, and a little methanol was removed from the middle of the column.

methyl acetate plant

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