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Production Method of Sec-butyl Acetate

Jul. 24, 2017

Sec-butyl acetate has a variety of uses, mainly used as a solvent. In the past, sec-butyl acetate is got by acetic acid and sec-butanol reaction synthesis, but cost is high, gradually replaced by other products with similar performance. The direct synthesis of sec-butyl acetate by the reaction of n-butene with acetic acid can significantly reduce the production cost. 

Olefin synthesis of sec-butyl acetate is in the acidic catalyst under the action of anhydrous acetic acid and n-butene addition reaction and direct synthesis. The catalyst used for the synthesis may include a solid acid catalyst and a liquid acid catalyst, the former comprising a cation exchange resin, solid phosphomolybdic acid, and the latter comprising sulfuric acid and p-toluenesulfonic acid.

Former Soviet scientists have also studied the reaction of n-butene with acetate, they used an excess of olefins. Because petroleum pyrolysis gas contains a large amount of unsaturated hydrocarbons, the esterified product can be used as a solvent for the paint. 

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