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The Market Situation of Hydroquinone

Apr. 11, 2018

Hydroquinone is mainly used in rubber processing aids, dyes, photographic, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other downstream industries, with the downstream industry demand growth, global hydroquinone market supply and demand grew steady in recent years. Global hydroquinone market demand reached 250,000 tons in 2008. With the growing demand for hydroquinone, in recent years the global hydroquinone production is also growing rapidly. By 2012, the global output of hydroquinone reached 300,000 tons, basically maintained a balance between supply and demand.

Industry Investment Decision Network published "2014-2018 Chinese hydroquinone industry forecast and investment strategy research report" shows, although the global production of hydroquinone has been a greater development in the variety and quantity, it still need to update the hydroquinone production equipment and production technology. Our company has many years of research experience, can provide the latest hydroquinone plant and the most complete hydroquinone production technology.

Hydroquinone Plant

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