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Current Situation of Sec-butyl Acetate Market

Aug. 04, 2017

For the time being, sec-butyl acetate market into a dilemma, raw materials prices have been growing, manufacturers cost pressures is large. However, the overall demand is difficult to improve, and the amount of dibutyl ester greatly reduced, seriously impact the majority of sulphobenzene manufacturers shipped.

It is understood that in 2010, China's domestic production of sec-butyl acetate reached 10.04 million tons, in 2011 increased to 130,300 tons, in 2012 climbed to 170,000 tons, showing a good momentum of growth. in January 2015, China's sec-butyl acetate production 27,800 tons, an increase of 9.88%, down 29.8%. Concerned about the market impact on the export of sec-butyl acetate.

Sec-butyl Acetate Plant

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