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Sec-butyl Acetate Will Be in Great Demand

Aug. 10, 2017

The solubility of sec-butyl acetate is similar to that of n-butyl acetate and isobutyl acetate. Can widely replaced with n-butyl acetate and isobutyl acetate in the coating formulation. In metal flash paint, butyl acetate can be used to dissolve butyl acetate cellulose, to obtain 15% -20% of the solution.

Acetyl acetate has good solubility in many substances, it can be used as a solvent for the manufacture of nitrocellulose lacquers, acrylic lacquers and polyurethane paints. These lacquers can be used as aircraft wing coatings, artificial leather coatings, automotive coatings and so on. Acetyl acetate can also be used for the manufacture of celluloid products, rubber, safety glass, coated paper, patent leather and other products. It can also be used as a volatile solvent in printing inks. It can also be used as a quick-drying agent for photographic materials.

Acetyl acetate can be used as extractant, such as extraction of ethanol - propanol, acrylic and other substances. Or as azeotropic distillation solvent, partially substituted toluene, xylene and methyl isobutyl ketone.

Sec-butyl Acetate Plant

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