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Preparation of Sec - butyl Acetate by Olefins

Aug. 18, 2017

For the synthesis of acetic acid sec-butyl acetate technology, the focus of reaction part is butene and acetic acid synthesis of sec-butyl acetate catalyst and reaction process, the separation part focus on acetic acid, acetic acid sec-butyl ester and heavy hydrocarbon separation study, the aim is to obtain high purity sec-butyl acetate and recyclable acetic acid.

Olefin synthesis of sec-butyl acetate to liquid as a catalyst, because the catalyst involved in the separation and recovery link. Olefin synthesis of sec-butyl acetate is more strongly acidic cation exchange resin as a catalyst. Synthesis of sec-butyl acetate with heteropoly acid as catalyst, the process is strong acid cation exchange resin complex, involving the catalyst recycling; With the molecular sieve as the catalyst, the conversion of butene is low, and the industrial application needs to be further improved. Cation exchange resin as a catalyst, also need to be further modified, improve the reactivity of butene and the selectivity of sec-butyl acetate.

Sec - butyl Acetate Preparation

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