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The Technical Advantages Of Hydrogen Peroxide Technology

Nov 16, 2018

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful, environmentally-friendly oxidizing agent that's used in, for example, bleaching, treating waste water and from the chemical sector. Let Hydrogen Peroxide Plant Supplier explain its technical advantages.

1. High hydrogenation efficiency, anthraquinone consumption @ production of per ton of 27.5% HP could be reduced to less than 0.2kg, only 1/5 of the average consumption level in HP production industry.

2. The total chemical consumption is less than 1/2 of the average level in the HP production industry.

3. The proposed oxidation unit employs advanced operation process to reduce the work pressure without comprising the oxidation yield could save 20% electricity consumption.

4. Sound extraction column structure and high efficient separation technology, 35% HP product could be produced stably and the volume of the extraction is 20% less.

5. High-efficiency tail gas solvent recovery process – combined with turboexpansion refrigeration (power generation) + solvent recovery + carbon fiber adsorption recovery process.

Above is the Technical Advantages Of Hydrogen Peroxide Technology. If you want to know the more, you can find our web and call us.

Hydrogen Peroxide Technology

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