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What can be done to Make the Distillation Plant Run Smoothly?

Oct. 13, 2020

As a DMC Distillation Plant, share it with you. The operation of the distillation tower is an important operation link of the atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit. It controls the quality control of the main products, so it should be operated smoothly to reduce fluctuations. For this reason, the following points should be paid attention to:

Distillation Technology

Distillation Technology

1. Stabilize the feed and discharge flow of each tower. In addition to the discharge flow rate of the tower bottom pump, pay attention to the changes in the amount of oil pumped out of each side line. The adjustment range of these flow rates should be small and be adjusted depending on the quality and yield of their respective products.

2. The temperature of each material should be stabilized. When the temperature changes, it should be timely adjusted according to the product quality.

3. The initial distillation tower, the atmospheric tower and the vacuum tower are operated in series in sequence. The operation of the previous tower is unstable, and the properties of the bottom oil change, which will affect the operation of the subsequent towers. Pay close attention to the operation.

4. In the operation of the distillation column, the stability of the bottom liquid level and the stable amount of stripping steam are important conditions for the stable operation of each column.

5. When the operating pressure of the tower changes, the extraction temperature of each line should also change accordingly. It should be adjusted in time to ensure product quality. The vacuum at the top of the decompression tower has a great impact on the extraction rate and cut of the decompression tower. Strive to keep the pressure stable.

6.The change in the water content of crude oil has a great impact on the distillation tower. When the water content changes significantly, the operation should be adjusted in time.

There are three types of distillation towers. One is a simple distillation tower with four specifications of 19mm, 24mm, 29mm, and 34mm in diameter; and four specifications of filler height: 350mm, 700mm, 1000mm, and 1300mm. Since the interface adopts a standard grinding port, when a tower with a packing height greater than 1300mm is required, it can be freely added as needed. Since the outside of the simple distillation tower needs to be insulated with glass wool and glass cloth, it is inconvenient to observe the gas-liquid contact in the tower during use

The other is a vacuum distillation tower, with four diameters of 19mm, 24mm, 29mm, and 34mm; two types of tower heights: 700mm and 1300mm; two types of internal serpentine tubes and external expansion and contraction joints, using vacuum jacket and silver plating Adiabatic insulation, and has an observation window to directly understand the contact between the distillation gas and liquid in the tower.

In addition, there is also an electrically heated rectification tower with diameters of 19mm, 24mm, 29mm, 34mm, 50mm, etc.; tower heights are 700mm, 1000mm, and 1300mm. Because of the standard ground connection, if the tower height of 2000mm is required, only the 700mm tower needs to be connected to the 1300mm tower.

It is composed of inner, middle and outer tubes. The inner core tube is filled with filler, and the inner tube and the middle tube are both wrapped with flat electric heating tape, and the outer layer is a thermal insulation protection layer. The temperature setting of the electric heat preservation is divided into the upper and lower layers. The power is supplied by the cs00a fine-view console. The upper and lower layers of the temperature measurement use pt100 platinum resistance, and the lead wire is connected to the distillation console. The digital display shows the temperature accuracy of each point as 0.1 ℃, wide control temperature range, suitable for high temperature distillation operation.

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