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Introduction of Auto-oxidation Process

Aug 15, 2018

Today we will explain  the Introduction of Auto-oxidation Process.

Rancidity may be said to be the subjective organoleptic appraisal of the off-flavour quality of meals. Oxidative rancidity is worried about the changes that lead to the reactions involving the lipids in meals with atmospheric oxygen.Oxidation of unsaturated lipids not only generates offensive odors and tastes but may also decrease the nutrient quality and safety due into the formation of secondary reaction products in foods after cooking the oxidative deterioration of food lipids involves, primarly, the autoxidation response, so called due to its autocatalytic mechanism. the autoxidation is a complex procedure which proceeds through complimentary ra-,dicals by a chain mechanism2- 4 • The Understanding of the autoxidation process, even though not clear in most. The facets, is mainly as a result of study of systems.

Auto-oxidation Process

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