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Do you know the Biofilm Method of Sewage Treatment?

Jun 16, 2020

As a Hydrogen Peroxide Plant Supplier, share with you.

Biofilm method:

A method of treating sewage or waste gas by using a film-like biome fixed on the surface of an inert material. The biological filter method, biological contact oxidation method and biological turntable method all belong to this method.

Distillation Technology

Distillation Technology

(1) Biological filter A bioreactor used to treat sewage, which is filled with inert filter material, and biological communities grow on the surface of the material to treat pollutants. Advantages: 1) The treatment effect of the biological filter is very good, and it can meet the strictest environmental protection requirements in all seasons. 2) No secondary pollution. 3) Microorganisms can grow on the organic matter in the filler without adding additional nutrients. Therefore, it is quick to start after shutdown, and can quickly restore the best use effect. 4) The biological filter has a large buffer capacity, which can automatically adjust the peak concentration so that the microorganisms always work normally and have a strong resistance to impact loads. 5) The operation adopts automatic control, which is very stable and does not require manual operation. There are few vulnerable parts, maintenance and management are very simple, and unmanned management can be basically achieved. Workers only need to inspect whether there is a machine failure. 6) The body of the biofilter is assembled, which is convenient for transportation and installation; when increasing the processing capacity, only components need to be added, which is easy to implement; and it is also convenient for separate treatment under the conditions of air source dispersion. 7) The energy consumption of this type of filtration type biological filter is very low, and the pressure loss of the filter after only six months of operation is only about 500Pa.

(2) Biological turntable An aerobic bioreactor for sewage treatment. It is composed of a water tank and a set of discs. The lower part of the disc is submerged in water, the upper part of the disc is exposed to the air, and there are biological communities growing on the surface. The rotating turntable repeats Contact with sewage and oxygen in the air to purify the sewage. Advantages: 1) Small footprint, compact structure 2) Low energy consumption, high treatment efficiency 3) Convenient management and easy operation Especially suitable for sewage treatment of small and medium-sized livestock and poultry processing plants

(3) The structure of biological contact oxidation tank includes tank body, filler, water distribution device and aeration device. The working principle is: setting filler in the aeration tank and using it as the carrier of biofilm. After being oxygenated, the wastewater to be treated flows through the filler at a certain flow rate, contacts the biofilm, and the biofilm and suspended activated sludge work together to purify the wastewater. Advantages: 1) High volume load, strong impact load resistance 2) The advantages of membrane method, less residual sludge 3) The advantages of activated sludge method, supplemented by mechanical equipment for oxygen supply, high biological activity, short mud age 4) Can decompose other biological treatment difficult to decompose substances 5) Easy to manage, eliminate the disadvantages of sludge floating and expansion

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