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How was the Civil Protective Mask made?

Mar. 25, 2020

Let me tell you about the production process of Civil Protective Mask, which is common in our market. If you cut out the mask, you can see that there are at least 3 layers of non-woven fabric. The number of layers is required by production, at least 3 layers. We look at the poor-quality masks that are exposed on the market and can be broken with a single poke. Using only one layer of non-woven fabric is an unscrupulous cut-off by unscrupulous manufacturers.

Civil Protective Mask

Civil Protective Mask

"Non-woven fabric" is named after the manufacturing process. This kind of fabric is not woven. All kinds of clothing we often wear, cotton, linen, and silk are woven with a little warp and weft on the machine. For example, look at a "lace grid, which is woven".

The hole card system allows the machine to repeatedly weave the same pattern without error, and the beautiful lace pattern is gradually formed.

The "non-woven fabric" is similar to the needle stitching method we use for felt. Without knitting, it is brushed with N needles to keep the cotton structure tangled and consolidated, and then processed into Such a layer of flat cloth.

So why are masks scarce after so many days? Because the market relationship is in short supply. As a one-time consumable, more than a billion people in the country want to have a few manpower per day, all of a sudden the explosive demand, coupled with the tight supply of raw materials, the emergency resumption of work in major countries, rushing around the clock, Also not available.

Such three layers of non-woven fabric raw materials are stacked together through a production machine.

This depends on the second structure of the mask: the bendable wire above the mask. When you wear it, you must pinch the nose clip to the bridge of your nose so that you can wear a mask tightly. Otherwise, without this structure, my nose collapse is more serious, the seal is not tight, and the protection effect is affected.

Look at a close-up, that is, the metal wire is matched and conveyed along one side of the non-woven fabric, then curled, and then stitched at the back.

The main part of the mask is the layered structure shown in the figure below, which is pulled to completely cover the nose and mouth, and the face is not afraid.

The cross-section of this laminated structure is so long that it requires a machine folding link.

This is the mechanical design shown in the figure below. There are three adjustable bevels. Set a small bevel. Let a large piece of non-woven fabric follow these bevels and gradually narrow down from left to right to form a "folding structure." Come.

Then there is a tabletting step to flatten the face of the mask.

The individual cutting and stitching of the masks are mostly fully automatic and manual processing. And different masks have slight manufacturing differences, some are stitched, and some are directly hot-pressed and glued, with small details.

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