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Diluted Formaldehyde Concentration Recovery Technology

Jul 12, 2019

As a Hydrogen Peroxide Manufacturing Plant, let's talk about the dilute formaldehyde concentration recovery technology.

In the production process of paraformaldehyde and polyoxymethylene, high concentrations of formaldehyde are required as raw materials. However, normal formaldehyde production does not exceed 55%. It is necessary to dehydrate and concentrate the raw material formaldehyde, and dilute formaldehyde is generated during the concentration process. Dilute formaldehyde is usually used to produce downstream products (such as urotropine, methylal, etc.) that are not required for the concentration of formaldehyde raw materials, and to concentrate and recycle.

Hydrogen Peroxide Manufacturing Plant

There are two kinds of commonly used dilute formaldehyde concentration and recovery technologies, namely, a vacuum flash separation process and a pressurized distillation concentration process. The former will produce about 8% dilute formaldehyde in the concentration process; the latter can recover about 36-46% formaldehyde solution, but as the pressure increases, the formaldehyde is prone to disproportionation reaction to form formic acid, which will cause formaldehyde loss and corrosion. device. Although this problem can be solved by selecting a higher grade of special steel, the investment will be too high and uneconomical.

Our company's dilute formaldehyde concentration and recovery technology has improved the process and equipment internals on the basis of the pressurized distillation method, resulting in reduced corrosion, reduced equipment investment, and integrated pressure tower and tower. Heat load, production energy consumption is greatly reduced.

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