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Ethyl Acetate Production Technology

May 10, 2018

Today We briefly introduce the Ethyl Acetate Production Technology.

Ethyl acetate was prepared by using salt dehydration technology and acid as catalyst, acetic acid and ethanol esterification. The quality of ethyl acetate is in conformity with GB/ t3728-2007 standard of ethyl acetate.

The Ethyl Acetate Production Process includes: ingredients, esterification, phase separation, dehydration, refinement, recovery and so on. Acetic acid and ethanol mixed in certain proportion into esterification kettle, and then to add sulfuric acid catalyst for esterification reaction into esterification kettle, a product of the reaction after entering the esterification tower, ethyl acetate and water in the vapor phase is entered into the phase splitter overhead condenser cooling after crude ester phase. The crude ester was obtained by dehydration tower system and distillation column system. At the same time, the recovery tower system can recycle the ester and alcohol in wastewater. After the recovery of ester, alcohol to the ingredients.

Ethyl Acetate Production Technology

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