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Evaporative Cooling of Silver Formaldehyde Production Equipment

Jun 26, 2019

Evaporative cooling is a newly developed refrigeration energy-saving technology; it uses water evaporation and high-temperature and high-pressure superheated steam to condense into a liquid, thereby achieving the purpose of refrigeration. It is widely used in many industries such as petrochemical, light industry and pharmacy, refrigeration and air conditioning, food refrigeration. It is gradually being applied in the formaldehyde industry. As a Heavy Aromatic Distillation Plant, let's explain it to everyone.

01. Structure

The evaporative cold structure is a cooling device that combines a shower tube cooler and a circulation cooling tower. The cooler adopts a counterflow structure, which mainly includes a air cylinder, an axial flow fan, a water collector, a water distributor, a cooling heat exchange tube group, a circulating water pump, a float ball valve and the like. The cooling tubes are used in parallel, the heat exchange area is large, the system resistance is small, the structure is compact, and the floor space is small.

02. Working principle

The gas enters from the upper part of the heat exchange tube group, is distributed to each tube through the header box, and flows out from the lower tube port after the heat exchange is completed. The cooling water is sent to the water distributor on the upper part of the heat exchange tube group by circulating water pump. The water distributor is equipped with a high-efficiency anti-blocking type nozzle, and the water is evenly distributed to each group of tubes, and the water flows down on the outer surface of the tube, and finally The filler layer in the upper part of the pool falls into the pool for recycling.

When water flows through the cooler tube set, the medium in the tube is cooled by the latent heat of evaporation of the water. At the same time, the axial flow induced draft fan takes fresh water from the wind window around the lower side of the cooler to carry the water vapor away.

Formaldehyde Equipment

03. Technical characteristics of evaporative cooling

1. Evaporative cooling adopts a large number of snake-type heat exchange tubes, large heat exchange and gas flow area, compact structure and small floor space. It can still operate normally when the temperature is low in winter.

2. Good energy saving effect and low operating cost: the average 1.1KW condensing load only needs 60~80L/h of circulating water, 3~5L/h of supplementary water, 100~200m3/h of air, and 0.2~0.3KW of water pump and fan. . The amount of evaporation and drainage accounts for 3 to 5% of the total water.

3. High heat exchange effect (temperature difference of inlet and outlet can reach 60 °C), low gas resistance (≤10kPa), reducing power consumption.

4. The circulating water pump is installed on the cooler body. The pipeline process is short, and the special anti-blocking nozzle is used. The water distribution effect is good, the power of the water pump and the fan is small, and the operating cost can be reduced by 40-50%.

5. The use of the tube-type heat exchange tube does not cause clogging, and is especially suitable for environments with poor circulating water quality.

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