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FAQ about Methyl Acetate

Nov. 03, 2017

Is methyl acetate toxic?

It is a flammable liquid with a characteristically pleasant smell reminiscent of some glues and nail polish removers. Methyl acetate is occasionally used as a solvent, being weakly polar and lipophilic, but its close relative ethyl acetate is a more common solvent being less toxic and less soluble in water.

Is methyl acetate soluble in water?

Methyl acetate is a non-polar (lipophilic) to weakly polar (hydrophilic) aproticsolvent. Methyl acetate has a solubility of 25% in water at room temperature. At elevated temperature its solubility in water is much higher. Methyl acetate is not stable in the presence of strong aqueous bases or acids.

What does methyl acetate smell like?

Methyl acetate, also known as acetic acid methyl ester or methyl ethanoate, is a clear, flammable liquid with a characteristic, not unpleasant smell like certain glues or nail polish removers.

Methyl Acetate Manufacturing Process

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