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The Technology Description Of Formaldehyde Production Plant

Mar 28, 2019

The main characteristic of Formaldehyde Plant is adopting tail gas circulation method, can maximum limit the use of energy. And the excess steam can use in urea/melamine formaldehyde plant.

The Formaldehyde Production Plant includes only 3 parts: Evaporator-Reactor-Absorber. Others are either combined into the three or removed.

Detailed technology description.

1) Off-Gas Circulation Process by our formaldehyde machine

Off-gas is used to take away the reaction heat instead of steam. Therefore, formaldehyde concentration is improved and steam is saved.

2) Flue Gas Circulation Process by our Formaldehyde Equipment:

Flue gas resulted from off-gas incineration is employed to raise the yield as well as the run-up safety.

3) Incomplete Conversion Process

An excess of methanol is fed to reduce the reaction temperature and therefore our formaldehyde production line will lower the occurrence of side reactions as well as methanol consumption.

Formaldehyde Production Plant

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