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What are the problems that can occur during Formaldehyde Production Silver Process?

Feb 14, 2020

As a Silver Catalyzed Formaldehyde Plant, share it with everyone.

In silver formaldehyde process. The copper mesh is placed on the tube plate, and most of the silver process now uses a stainless steel oxidizer. The top is filled with catalyst; the structure of such an oxidizer is very problematic. The oxidizer is generally replaced after about three years of use.

Formaldehyde Equipment

The design of the process is determined because the silver process requires that the catalyst temperature be raised from about 100 degrees to about 550 degrees in about 30 minutes. The catalyst is easy to segregate because of the long ignition time. And the consumption is high, and the disposal of unqualified formaldehyde is troublesome. It is not safe to fear that the oxygen-to-alcohol ratio will explode for a long time.

Tritium Oxidizer Design Problems. The service life reaches 78 years. A heat exchanger in the form of a bayonet is used in the ammonia-synthesis process. If the heat exchanger is designed in the form of a bayonet, the service life of the equipment will be greatly prolonged; this formaldehyde plant once had such a heat exchanger. And that craft environment is even worse. Of course, the investment in equipment will be greater! And the service life of the oxidizer is short. Now the silver method of formaldehyde technology has not achieved a good combination of production, learning and research; basically, several companies are doing it. More conducive to his profit growth.

Whether the formaldehyde process can be considered, learn some methods of design and operation of large chemical industry; for example, some rules that must be followed during the temperature rise and fall of the equipment. Public works are done by themselves. The design conditions must be fully considered in the design; of course, this is also a question of costs! And the general enterprise is not a public engineering condition for large chemical industry. Domestic formaldehyde enterprises generally set up factories separately.

The continuous process of the Formaldehyde Production Silver Process involves the disposal of exhaust gas. In the current situation that the requirements of Ping An environmental protection and energy conservation are constantly increasing, the original tail gas incinerator in the process cannot meet the existing policy requirements, forcing the process to be upgraded from time to time. The process of formaldehyde tail gas disposal involves the entry of different concentrations of tail gas in the initial system, the safety of the initial ignition of the incinerator, the problem of steam production after the tail gas incineration, and the response of the tail gas device in emergencies.

As far as the production level of silver formaldehyde equipment in China is concerned. It is not far from the advanced foreign production level, especially the large-scale formaldehyde plant constructed in recent years has been successfully driven once and produced qualified products within 3 hours. After driving for a period of time, according to statistical data, the unit consumption reached below 0.455, the alcohol content was about 1%, the acidity was 0.01%; the energy consumption was 2527Kw / t and the investment cost was low. Of course, to achieve the above goals, it is necessary to integrate factors that are conducive to production, formulate reasonable process conditions, select equipment that meets process conditions, implement a management system, create a good production environment, and overcome as much as possible on the process and equipment. There are problems to get satisfactory results.

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