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SL TECH Wishes You Happy Chinese New Year

Feb 13, 2018

Chinese New Year refers to the traditional Lunar New Year of Chinese character culture circle, commonly known as "New Year", the traditional name of the New Year, New Year, New Year, but orally also known as the age, celebrate New Year, New Year, is the most solemn tradition of the Chinese nation festival.

During the Spring Festival, Han Chinese and some ethnic minorities in China hold various activities to celebrate. These activities are to worship the ancestral gods, pay homage to ancestors, in addition to the old cloth new, Ying Jubilee blessing, pray for the harvest as the main content. Spring Festival activities rich and colorful, with rich ethnic characteristics. Affected by the Chinese culture, some countries and peoples belonging to the cultural circle of Chinese characters also celebrate the customs of the Spring Festival.

SL TECH provides PPC Plant, Ethyl Acetate Plant and other Chemical Technology. Here all of our staff wish you happy Chinese New Year!

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