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Hydrogen Peroxide Production Introduction

Aug 25, 2018

Hydrogen peroxide, a weakly acidic colourless liquid, was discovered by Thenard in 1818, and has been uses industrially since the mid-19th century. Its scale of fabrication and usage have increased markedly since about 1925 when electrolytic procedures were introduced to the United States and industrial bleach software were created. Currently prepared primarily by used extensively to prepare additional peroxygen compounds and as a nonpolluting oxidising agent.

The major uses of peroxide in New Zealand utilise its strongly oxidising character to oxidise various chemical classes. These oxidisable groups primarily include lignins, cyanides,sulphides and phenols (benzyl alcohols) or HOO or other species depending of the conditions selected. Pulp bleaching generally uses alkaline

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Hydrogen Peroxide Production Methods

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