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How much do you know about Distillation Technology?

Jan 21, 2020

Distillation Purification Technology is a thermodynamic separation process. It uses the different boiling points of components in a mixed liquid or liquid-solid system to evaporate low-boiling components and then condenses to separate the entire component. The unit operation process is evaporation and condensation Combination of two unit operations. Compared with other separation methods, such as extraction, filtration and crystallization, it has the advantage that it does not require the use of solvents other than system components, thereby ensuring that no new impurities are introduced.

Distillation Purification Technology

Distillation Purification Technology

Preparation for inspection

Check whether all valves, electrical appliances and meters are in good condition. Fill out and hang the running status card.


1. Turn on the pump to feed, add the material to 1/2 of the second sight glass in the evaporation chamber, and turn off the pump.

2. Open the steam valve and start heating. At the same time, open the distillate return valve and the condensate valve.

3. Sampling and analyzing the alcohol content of the distillate and adjusting the reflux valve. After the alcohol content is qualified, open the discharge valve and put the alcohol into the alcohol storage tank.

4. According to the amount of alcohol in the evaporation chamber, timely replenish low-concentration alcohol, and adjust the return valve after feeding.

5. When the alcohol content in the evaporation chamber is 5% or less, stop the distillation and open the drain valve to discharge the residual liquid.

6. After the distillation is completed, close the steam valve and the cooling water valve.

7. Clean the equipment according to cleaning procedures.


1. In the distillation column of this device, the materials in the column are very clean and pollution-free, and its seal can be generally checked for many years. Only when the distillation effect of the packing is significantly reduced, the whole tower needs to be disassembled, and the packing is taken out and replaced. Packings and flanges, and the whole tower air tightness test.

2. During the annual overhaul, the dirt in the heating room should be carefully cleaned, and the inner wall of the evaporation room should be washed with a brush.

3. During the annual overhaul, chemical cleaning agents should be used to clean and descale the outer walls of the tubes in the condenser and cooler. 4.4 During overhaul, instruments and meters should be checked and calibrated to keep them in good condition.

4. During the overhaul, check the flanges, valves, pipe fittings, etc. carefully, and replace the damaged and failed ones in time. 4.6 During the overhaul, all insulation layers in the device should be inspected, and those damaged or disabled should be replaced in time.

By using the difference in the volatility of the components in the liquid mixture, the liquid mixture is partially vaporized and the vapor is partially condensed, so as to achieve the separation of the components it contains. It is a unit operation that belongs to mass transfer separation. Widely used in oil refining, chemical, light industry and other fields.

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