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Do you know the Maintenance and Repair of Formaldehyde Production Technology and Equipment?

Jul. 30, 2020

As a Formaldehyde Production Plant, let me share with you. The formaldehyde production technology must keep clean the important parts of the machine operation. Any abnormalities such as noise, vibration, etc. found in the operation of mechanical equipment should be checked in time to prevent accidents. Lubrication is an important link in the daily maintenance of machinery. Wear is a major factor causing component failure. Maintenance is very important. Through inspection, timely effective preventive measures are taken, such as cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, tightening, and some checks on the technical status of parts and components, and some small workloads are made for the actual conditions. Repair, replace smaller parts, eliminate faults, reduce mechanical vibration and noise, and protect other parts from premature damage due to abnormal work. It is necessary to strengthen the management of the daily maintenance of machinery and take prevention as the principle of daily machinery maintenance.

Formaldehyde Production Silver Process

Formaldehyde Production Silver Process

In the silver formaldehyde process. Put the copper mesh on the tube plate. Now most of the silver process uses stainless steel oxidizer. The catalyst is loaded on the top; this kind of oxidizer is very problematic. Generally, the oxidizer needs to be replaced after three years of use.

The design of the process is determined because the silver process requires that the catalyst temperature be raised from a temperature of about 100 degrees to about 550 degrees in about 30 minutes. The catalyst is easy to harden because of the long ignition time. And the consumption is high, and the disposal of unqualified formaldehyde is troublesome. It is not safe to be afraid that oxygen alcohol will explode and ignite longer than changes.

Problems in the design of the oxidizer. The service life reaches 78 years. Bayonet-type heat exchangers are used in the US-Holland ammonia synthesis process. If they are designed as bayonet-type heat exchangers, it will greatly extend the service life of the equipment; there was once a formaldehyde factory that did such a heat exchanger. And that process environment is even worse. Of course, the equipment investment will be larger! And the service life of the oxidizer is short. Now the silver-method formaldehyde process has not achieved a good combination of production, learning, and research; basically, several companies are doing it. It is more conducive to his profit growth.

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