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Why Should The Silver Formaldehyde Raw Material Air Be Purified?

May 16, 2019

As a Hydrogen Peroxide Industrial Plant, let's share with you why the silver formaldehyde raw material air is purified and cleaned.

The air used in the raw material gas for formaldehyde production is collected from the atmosphere, and the dust, SO2 and the like contained in the atmosphere can contaminate the catalyst, so that the performance of the catalyst is lowered and the service life is shortened. Therefore, it is necessary to purify the air.

There are two basic methods for purifying air and washing.

1. The filtration method is to install a filter to which a filter block is attached, and to remove solid particles such as dust in the air by using a filter medium inside the filter block.

2. The washing method is to set up a washing tower. The washing liquid can be selected according to the degree of air pollution. In the area where the air is acidic, the diluted alkali liquid is used as a detergent to neutralize the acid gas in the air, and at the same time, the dust is removed, and then washed with water. The alkali is washed to remove air to remove the alkaline droplets entrained in the air. Water can also be used directly as a detergent in areas where the acidity of the air is not too high.

Hydrogen Peroxide Industrial Plant

In general, these methods of filtration need to be determined based on the local air conditions of the unit. A single filtration method, a single alkali washing method, a single water washing method, a filtration method plus a base washing method, and a filtration method plus a water washing method can be used.

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