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Three Most Common Methods of Wastewater Treatment

Sep. 13, 2021

With the continuous scale development of urban industrial production, factories in the production process continue to discharge a large amount of sewage to the outside world, which has caused very bad pollution to the environment, so there are those simple methods of sewage treatment? Today Sanli Fengxiang will introduce to you the three most common treatment methods!


According to its principle of action can be divided into the physical method, biological method and chemical method of these three.

Sewage treatment plant


Physical Method

The main use of physical action to separate the non-soluble substances in the sewage, in the treatment process does not change the chemical properties. Commonly used are gravity separation, centrifugal separation, reverse osmosis, air floatation, etc.. The physical method treatment structures are simpler and more economical, and are used in cases where the capacity of the village water body is large, the self-purification capacity is strong, and the degree of sewage treatment is not high.

Biological Method

The metabolic function of microorganisms is used to decompose and oxidize the organic matter in the sewage in dissolved or colloidal state into stable inorganic substances, so that the sewage can be purified. Commonly used are activated sludge method and biofilm method. The biological method has a higher degree of treatment than the physical method.

The biofilm method of sewage is to take certain artificial measures to create an environment conducive to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, so that microorganisms proliferate in large numbers to enhance microbial oxidation, decomposition of organic pollutants are degraded and transformed into harmless substances, so that sewage can be purified.


Chemical Method

It is a method to treat or recover dissolved or colloidal substances from wastewater by using chemical reaction, mostly used in industrial wastewater.

The chemical treatment method of wastewater is to add chemical substances to the wastewater and use the chemical reaction to separate and recover the pollutants in the wastewater or convert them into harmless substances. Such as the wastewater treatment by air oxidation. Chemical treatment method has good treatment effect and high cost, and is mostly used as the effluent after biochemical treatment for further treatment to improve the effluent quality!

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