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Do You Know The Production Process Of Ethyl Acetate?

Mar 08, 2019

A general method for getting the ethyl esters like formate, acetate, butyrate, etc., would be to distil a combination of alcohol, a salt of this acid in query, also sulphuric acid. Rather than the salt, then the acidity itself is often utilized.

Ethyl Acetate Production Process

Do you know the Ethyl Acetate Production Process? Now we will introduce you in detail. The mixture of alcohol and the two acids is distilled from a vessel fitted with a fractionating column, in which a certain amount of rectification takes place. The issuing vapours, consisting of the ester, free acetic acid, alcohol, and water, pass through a vessel containing a suitable basic substance to retain the free acid, or most of it, and then into a condenser. The distillate is collected in receivers fitted with stirrers, in which it is washed with water and dilute alkaline solutions to remove alcohol and any acid that may have escaped elimination in the first vessel. It is then dried over calcium chloride and rectified by redistillation.

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