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Sanli Fengxiang Outlines the Vast & Specific Uses of Distilled Water

Mar. 01, 2022

From 1 liter bottles to 1000 liter containers, you can find distilled water at Sanli Fengxiang for whatever application you need. This is water that has had all organic and inorganic impurities removed during the distillation process, leaving a clear, colorless product.

The distilled water you can purchase from Sanli Fengxiang is completely free of visible impurities and maintains its neutral pH. In most cases, softened water can be used, especially in large-scale use, but some applications require specialized distilled water.

In this article.

❤ Uses of distilled water in the home

❤ Distilled water for the workplace

❤ Distilled water for manufacturing level

Uses of Distilled Water

Distilled water in the workplace

The use of distilled water is also popular among fishkeepers who prefer to avoid the presence of any dangerous chemicals in the water used in aquariums. In this case, it is important not to forget to add certain additives to the water, because pure water completely deprived of all minerals will not keep the fish alive for a long time.

Since absolutely pure water is needed to perform experiments, most laboratory applications require distilled or double-distilled water. This is especially important in analyses that require trace amounts of water, as any impurities can affect the results.

One interesting medical use involves continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) systems for use in patients with sleep apnea. Essentially, the device humidifies the air around a person's mouth to aid breathing during sleep.

Uses of distilled water for domestic use

Perhaps the most famous application is for steam irons to extend the life of this household appliance. Recent models may not necessarily require pure water, but older models will certainly run better with distilled water, resulting in improved long-term efficiency.

Regarding the cooling system of a car, distilled water is also better than tap water. Similar to what happens in batteries, any minerals present in tap water can become a source of corrosion in the engine, thus quickly depleting the anti-corrosion mixture in the antifreeze.

Another common use is for cigar humidors. This is because the use of tap water over time can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the equipment.


Manufacturing levels of distilled water

Often, distilled water is also used to charge lead-acid batteries. No minerals must be added because they are corrosive and can shorten the life of the battery.

Although no longer common, early Boeing 707 models needed distilled water to increase air density and thus help with takeoffs in harsh atmospheric conditions.

Finally, moving to submarines, distilled water was used as a coolant for nuclear reactors. It also allows the submarine to stay at sea longer because there are distillers on board to provide fresh water for the crew to drink.

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Sanli Fengxiang Outlines the Vast


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