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Who Can Supply The Silver Catalyzed Formaldehyde Plant?

Jan 19, 2019

Sanli Fengxiang Technology offers Silver Catalyzed Formaldehyde Plant and technology including engineering, proprietary equipment, catalyst and start-up and after-sale services. We are the only supplier to offer the unique combination of a silver formaldehyde technology and plant design including catalyst regeneration - a complete Formaldehyde Production Silver Process well proven and ready to use.

No other process gives you as much formaldehyde per Euro or US dollar. Sanlifengxiang has the lowest operational cost and highest steam export of the two formaldehyde processes. The Sanlifengxiang has superior overall economy due to the extensive R&D efforts and use of operational feedback.

Safe and clean Procedure of FA Production

No spicy oilusing just water/steam cooling reduces fire danger.

No oxygen at the absorber enhances fire safety in addition to product quality.

The motorist could be removed easily, quickly and in a couple of hours and re-catalysation requires less than 24 hours.

Merely small carrying tanks are required to serve clients during re-catalysation.

A"self-cleaning" vaporiser always eliminates impurities without reduction of reactants.

Quick heating in waste heat boiler (Very quickly cooling system averts decomposition of merchandise ).

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