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Indonesia 5000TPA Formaldehyde Project

Sep. 13, 2023

In July, 2019we supplied PT.ARJUNA UTAMA KIMIA with technical know-how and equipment for its existing 5000 TPA silver contact formaldehyde plant.

The crude phenol raw material is first driven into the crude distillation tower through the raw material pump for negative pressure dehydration and deslag. After dehydration and deslag, the mixed phenol fraction enters the raw material storage tank for rectification, and then is driven into the rectification kettle for negative pressure distillation separation. Through sampling Analyzing the content of the fractions, phenol, o-cresol, m-p-cresol, xylenol and phenol residue were obtained respectively.

This process can also use a continuous negative pressure distillation system, so the product quality will be more stable and the output will be relatively large.

Indonesia 5000TPA Formaldehyde Project

Formaldehyde is a critical chemical building block in the production of hundreds of items and plays an important role in everyday life. As an essential reactive intermediate (or ingredient) in the production of many common products and used by many sectorsthe chemistry of formaldehyde is helping to improve the standard of living by creating products that last longer, and are higher in quality, performance, and safety with little to no formaldehyde remaining in the final product.


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