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Application of PPC Plant

Apr. 10, 2017

PPC is used on its own and in a variety of end-use cleaning and degreasing formulations due to its versatility, effectiveness in reducing surface tension, and ability to improve wetting and soil removal functionality. 

Propylene carbonate can be used as VOC exempt solvent in paints and coatings as a tail solvent. PPC is a slow evaporating polar solvent. Alone or combined with other solvents, Propylene Carbonate is effective as a hard surface cleaner, polymer/resin cleaner, fiberglass, polyester and polyurethane cleaner. Propylene Carbonate can be used for derivative chemistries such as carbamate formation, hydroxyalkyation, transesterification and others.

Now the demand for propylene carbonate is getting higher and higher, PPC production equipment is also demanding higher and higher, we can supply high-quality PPC plant.


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