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Alkyl Phenol Production Process

Apr. 12, 2017

Alkyl Phenol are important raw materials and intermediates in the field of fine chemicals, which are obtained by alkylation of phenol and olefins. It can be used for the production of non-ionic surfactants, preservatives, mineral flotation agents, resin modifiers, textile auxiliaries and oil emulsifier.

Alkylphenol production process use the catalyst mainly ion exchange resin, boron trifluoride, activated clay. The mechanism of the alkylation of phenol with olefins is provided by the acidic catalyst H +, H + transferred to the olefin fraction, the formation of tertiary carbon ions and phenol reaction alkyl phenol, and the release of H +, and then continue with the role of olefins. In the reaction, the alkyl group enters the ortho, para position, and the ortho-alkyl group can be transferred to the para position under the action of the acidic catalyst, so the main product is the para-alkylphenol

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