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Do You Know The Production Technology Of Ethyl Acetate?

Dec 14, 2018

The process of Ethyl Acetate Production includes the steps of batching, esterification, phase separation, dehydration, refining, and recovery. Acetic acid and ethanol are mixed into the esterification kettle in a certain ratio, and then a concentrated sulfuric acid catalyst is added to the esterification tank for esterification reaction, and the reacted product enters the esterification tower, and the vapor phase of ethyl acetate and water are cooled by the overhead condenser.  We adopt advanced Ethyl Acetate Production Technology, after entering the phase separator, the phases are separated to obtain a crude ester. The crude ester is passed through a dehydration column system and a rectification column system to obtain a finished ethyl acetate. At the same time, the recovery tower system recovers esters and alcohols in the wastewater. The recovered ester and alcohol are de-bindered.

In addition, the technical characteristics of Ethyl Acetate Technology is

1. The energy consumption of dehydration is greatly reduced compared with the traditional ternary azeotropy

2. The esterification reaction uses an esterification tower with a reboiler, an esterification reaction reactor, and the feed enters from the reboiler.

3. Dehydration rectification shares one column, and neutralization reaction is not carried out with sodium sulfonate.

4. The process is simple, fully automatic control

Ethyl Acetate Production Technology

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