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The Importance Of Hydrogen Peroxide Plant

Dec 20, 2018

Hydrogen peroxide, commonly known as hydrogen peroxide, is a colorless, transparent solution at normal temperature and pressure. Because of its strong oxidizing properties, it is widely used in our lives, such as bleaching agents, disinfectants, dechlorination agents, and so on. Hydrogen Peroxide Plant is also particularly important for the wide range of applications of hydrogen peroxide.

Oxidation or reduction may occur under different conditions. Oxidizing agents, bleaches, disinfectants, dechlorination agents, and rocket fuels, organic or inorganic peroxides, foams and other porous materials are available. Medical hydrogen peroxide (about 3% or less) is a good disinfectant. Industrial use is about 35% for bleaching, as a strong oxidant, dechlorination agent, fuel, etc. The military grade is 99%, which is mainly used in aerospace attitude control engines and manned spacecraft. It can also be applied to military satellites and launch vehicles. So the Hydrogen Peroxide Production Plant is very important.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Plant

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