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Brief Silver Process Of Methanol Formaldehyde Production

Dec 06, 2018

Do you understand Formaldehyde Production Silver Process? Now sanlifengxiang will Introduce its craft in detail for you.

Silver Catalyzed Formaldehyde Plant Method: Originally Air compacted to strain 0.2 atm via an air compressor and fed into the base of methanol vaporizer. The proportion of methanol and atmosphere preserved about 35-45 percent. The reactor is fixed bed kind full of silver catalyst employed for converting methanol into formaldehyde. Advance reactor controls both responses, exothermic combustion response and endothermic dehydration response concurrently in one step.

The product flow sent to recovery and purification section. Unreacted methanol fed back into the practice of methanol vaporizer. Recycle stream includes 15 percent unreacted methanol of feed into the vaporizer. Formaldehyde obtained since the significant end of alcohol stripper column. It's in the kind of aqueous containing 63 percent water. The total process has return ranging from 85-90percent on the weight loss basis.

Formaldehyde Production Silver Process

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