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Ethyl Acetate Production Process Development

Nov 30, 2018

Do you understand Ethyl Acetate Production Process? Ethyl acetate is an industrially important solvent and is widely used as a solvent for artificial flavors, ethyl cellulose, nitrocellulose, cellophane, varnish, paint, artificial leather, linoleum, rayon, printing ink, etc. A synthetic pearl adhesive, a drug and an organic acid extractant, and a raw material for fruit flavors. 

At present, the domestic Ethyl Acetate Technology is mainly esterification.

The method and acetaldehyde condensation method, the ethanol dehydrogenation method is in the pilot stage, and the vinyl acetate method is in the small trial research stage. The Ethyl Acetate Production and the development status at home and abroad are introduced below.

The route of synthesis of ethyl acetate: 1. Direct esterification method 2. Acetaldehyde condensation method 3. Ethanol catalytic dehydrogenation method 4. Acetate ethylene addition esterification method

The synthesis of ethyl acetate by acetic acid and ethylene esterification has obvious advantages in terms of economy and raw material source, and will be the future development trend of ethyl acetate.

Ethyl Acetate Production Process

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