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Formaldehyde from Methanol Process

Nov 28, 2018

Formaldehyde is the principal constituent for producing valuable substances like melamine, urea and phenolic resins. It's offered in 37% aqueous solution. It's identified by a number of its properties such as plasma about 30.3, boil stage -118 oC, melting point at -19 oC and density of 0.815 at -20 oC.

Formaldehyde Production Process : From two major procedures of fabrication formaldehyde in big scale, methanol procedure route is well optimized and created for industrial manufacturing.

1. Non-catalytic oxidation of methane/ butane or propane.

2. Dehydrogenation of methanol by catalytic oxidation.

Formaldehyde Production Silver Process

Metallic oxide catalyst Procedure

Formaldehyde Production Process

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