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What are the Performance Characteristics of the Formaldehyde Production Technology Packed Tower?

May. 29, 2020

As a Formaldehyde Production Plant, share with you. In formaldehyde production technology, the packed tower is the key equipment in the formaldehyde complete equipment, and it is also an indispensable equipment. It plays an important role in the work process. In the formaldehyde complete equipment, the packed tower mainly has the following performance characteristics:

Silver Contact Formaldehyde Plant

Silver Contact Formaldehyde Plant

First, strong production capacity

Under normal circumstances, if the design is more reasonable, then the production capacity of the packing tower of the formaldehyde equipment can reach a good state. Everyone should know that the mass transfer is done by the rising vapor and the countercurrent contact of the liquid descending along the packing surface relying on gravity.

Second, the pressure drop is small

In actual production, we will find that the smaller the pressure drop, the lower the working pressure of the equipment. For most of the separated substances, the lowering of the working pressure is conducive to the increase of relative volatility. The separation work provided favorable conditions.

Third, the separation efficiency is high

In most cases, the properties of the substance to be separated are closely related to the separation efficiency of the tower. In addition, the separation efficiency of the tower will also be affected by the operating state, including working pressure, ambient temperature and flow rate, as well as the type and performance of the tower. Impact. In comparison, the working capacity of industrial packed towers is limited. In practical work, the packed towers of formaldehyde equipment are obviously the ideal choice.

Fourth, the operation flexibility is great

We usually require that the equipment has good adaptability, so-called operational flexibility, which means that the equipment has a certain range of adaptation to the load. The larger the range of the normal operating load of the packing tower of the formaldehyde equipment, the greater the flexibility of its operation and the wider the scope of application.

Fifth, the liquid holding capacity is small

In order to ensure normal operation, we also have certain requirements for its liquid holding capacity. In fact, the liquid holding capacity refers to the liquid holding capacity on the packing surface, internals or tray during normal operation, which will change accordingly according to the change of operating load. For the packed tower of formaldehyde equipment, its liquid holding capacity should be controlled within 6%.

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