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A Ideal Hydrogen Peroxide Plant Licensor In China

Mar 01, 2019

Sanlifengxiang Is a China based Hydrogen Peroxide Plant Licensor and provider, supplying proprietary, advanced and most modern H2O2 technology. Our patented technologies is famous for its unique characteristics which have cost efficient process, simple plant design and highly stable Hydrogen Peroxide production . As a Hydrogen Peroxide Technology supplier, EB Nuberg ensures creation of specialized standard superior quality hydrogen peroxide, in addition to Chemical Grade, Aseptic Grade and Food Grade hydrogen peroxide. Merchandise concentrations: 35, 50 (industrial standard), 60 and 70%.

Hydrogen Peroxide Plant Licensor

The China firm provides services in the fields of Hydrogen Peroxide Production Methods & development, technology, plant project management, operator training and consultancy. 

The China technology licensor holds patents for the hydrogenation reactor, oxidation column and for the working solution composition. We plan to have its continuous operated pilot plant to test, verify and develop new design and technology before introduced in full scale industrial plants. This pilot plant will help to complete ongoing laboratory based innovations, developments and studies.

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