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Hydrogen Peroxide Is Produced In A Five-step Process

Feb 25, 2019

Hydrogenation → Oxidation → Extraction → Drying/reversion → Distillation, according to the following (simplified) reaction: H2 + O2 → H2O2 

As a result of our patented Silver Catalyzed Formaldehyde Plant, we've enhanced the hydrogenation procedure, and prevent the need for a complex filtration procedure. We attain highly efficient utilization of raw materials and energy out of this easy-to-operate procedure.

Hydrogen Peroxide Technology

Environmental and sustainability factors have focused our attention on reducing energy requirements for Hydrogen Peroxide Technology with the objective of reducing our carbon footprint. Wherever possible, our manufacturing facilities obtain their energy from renewable energy sources.
Additionally, in-place environmental and control systems minimize emissions to the atmosphere and water.

Off-gas treatment is designed to remove residual hydrocarbon vapor from the oxidation step, and reduce all vents to the atmosphere.

Waste water treatment is present to handle effluent including the solvent-water separator basin, the emergency basin, the process building drain system, the distillation and peroxide storage and loading dike areas

Our Hydrogen Peroxide Technology and operations experts are continuously exploring opportunities for hydrogen peroxide production efficiency and sustainability improvements.

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