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The New technology For The Production Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Feb 18, 2019

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful, environmentally-friendly oxidizing agent that's used in, for example, bleaching, treating waste water and from the chemical industry. In practice, all hydrogen peroxide is currently produced by the anthraquinone method, which is relatively expensive and complex. Through research and practice, Sanli Fengxiang Technology find an alternative Hydrogen Peroxide Technology that is environmentally-friendlier and more economical is presented.

This new, greener option is a catalytic synthesis of hydrogen and acid gases derived directly from hydrogen peroxide. This Hydrogen Peroxide Production Method has been studied considerably throughout the world, but a production-scale facility has not been capable of developing it for the time being, primarily for two reasons. First of all, hydrogen and acid are blended together in the process, and this sort of gas mixture is volatile (subject to explosion). Secondly, several reaction routes emerge in the synthesis concerned, of which most produce water rather than hydrogen peroxide. In other words, the selectivity of the process is poor, which also results in poor profitability.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Technology

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