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Alkyl Phenol Production Process

Aug 07, 2018

A procedure for the creation of unsubstituted and lower alkyl substituted p-aminophenols. A charge mixture is prepared containing an unsubstituted or lower alkyl substituted nitrobenzene substrate, a platinum catalyst and a sulfur compound. The sulfur compound might be a divalent sulfur compound where sulfur is bonded to two other moieties or a compound reducible to these sulfur chemical beneath catalytic hydrogenation conditions. Hydrogen is introduced into the mixture while it's agitated at a temperature of 0.degree.-40. degree. C., thereby reducing the substrate to an unsubstituted or alkyl substituted phenylhydroxylamine. The hydroxylamine is thereafter heated to a temperature of at least 70. degree. C. and agitated at least 70. degree. C. in the presence of a highly dissociated acid, therefore effecting rearrangement of the hydroxylamine to the corresponding p-aminophenol.

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Alkyl Phenol Production Process

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