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Separation of Crude Aromatics

Aug 02, 2018

Our company provides naphtha cutting, reforming C9 crude aromatics separation, and reforming crude aromatics separation technology such as C10 crude aromatics separation. Our company's crude aromatics separation process has the advantages of advanced process flow, high process flexibility, low process energy consumption and high yield.

With the separation of C10 crude aromatics from 60 thousand tons / year as an example, the high boiling point solvent products have the characteristics of high aromatic content, strong solubility, low toxicity, small smell, high flash point, high boiling point, moderate volatilization speed and stable chemical and physical properties. It has no chlorine and heavy metals. Its physical and chemical properties are stable and leveling is good. Its solubility is excellent. Especially in the later stage of evaporation, it can exert high dissolving force, so that the smoothness of the coating is good without orange peel and gloss. In addition, it can also be used as cleaning agent for precision machinery and pesticide emulsifier. It is an ideal solvent for producing high grade paint, paint, diluent, ink, adhesive, oil additive and high temperature reaction. It can also be used as an extractant for the production of hydrogen peroxide.

We can supply Aromatic Mixture Distillation Plant and Heavy Aromatic Distillation Plant, welcome to contact us.

Aromatic Mixture Distillation Plant

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