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Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Formaldehyde Production Technology Methylal

Jul. 31, 2021

In the rectification tower of the formaldehyde production technology, the spray volume ratio of the liquid is very small. When the filler is used, because the spray volume is too small, it is difficult to fully wet the formaldehyde production technology filler and the rectification effect is poor. The plate tower can adapt to such working conditions. The advantages and disadvantages of the sieve plate tower and packed tower process are as follows:

Formaldehyde Production Silver Process

Formaldehyde Production Silver Process

There are two processes for the production of methylal: the packed tower process. Most domestic manufacturers use it. Methylal equipment manufacturers have used local advantages for reference. The characteristic is the packed tower. When methylal is produced. The sieve tray process of the methylal equipment: the reflux rate is small, and the reflux ratio is about 1:2, which saves steam consumption and reduces the load of the cooler at the same time

adopts positive pressure operation, the condensation temperature of methylal gas is high, the condenser does not need to use chilled water, and the formaldehyde production technology can cool the methylal gas with circulating water. Chilled water is only needed to vent the condenser (very small) in summer. Low power consumption; breaking through the limit of azeotropic point, methylal content in the product can reach 98%, it is easy to replace the catalyst without dismantling the tower; the sieve plate structure is complex, the processing is difficult, and the manufacturing interest is high; the process has A 50,000-ton/year device is used in Zhangjiagang DuPont Company.

Packed tower process: because the spray volume is small, the packing is difficult to wet, the return flow must be increased, the reflux ratio is about 1:3, and the steam consumption is large; due to the normal pressure operation, the condensation temperature of the methylal gas is high, winter Chilled water needs to be used locally, and chilled water must be used for cooling in summer. The power consumption of chilled water is very high

Formaldehyde production technology The content of methylal equipment is low, generally 86%~92%, it is difficult to break the limit of 93% azeotropic point; if you want to produce more than 93% methylal, you need to add another pressurized (1.2~1.5) The MPa distillation tower has high energy consumption. It is difficult to replace the catalyst in other domestic devices and the interest is high. The tower needs to be lifted.

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