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Chemical Pump Selection Considerations

Jul 29, 2019

As a Hydrogen Peroxide Production Plant, let's share with you the selection considerations for chemical pumps.

1 . Pump shape

Determine the pump form

According to the specific working conditions and the characteristics of the pump shape, determine the pump form, such as: no leakage required, select the magnetic pump, the working conditions required to be sucked, selected from the suction pump, the wear-resistant working condition, the slurry pump, etc. Wait, meet more specific working conditions can be determined after communication with the manufacturer.

2. Material

Determine material

According to different media, choose the corresponding material. For details, please refer to the Corrosion Data Manual. Selection principle: The same suitable material is relatively cheap, and the same cheaper life is longer. Comprehensive consideration of cost performance.

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3. Specifications

Determine specifications

After determining the pump shape and material, basically a certain series of products have been positioned. At this time, according to the specification sheet in the product manual, according to the user's working condition parameter requirements, the corresponding model can be selected. It is particularly important to note that most of the power calibrated in the manual is based on water. It is necessary to pay attention to the density, temperature, viscosity, etc. of the actual medium used. Determine the actual power, configuration, etc., and communicate with the manufacturer before determining.

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