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Annual Summary Conference

Feb. 23, 2024

On January 19, 2024, Hubei Sanli Fengxiang Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huda Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jiuhong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanxi Huda Special Plastic New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. jointly held the 2023 Annual Summary Conference online.



The General Manager presided over the opening speech and reported on the company's annual situation. Afterwards, the sales department, design institute, overseas department, finance department, administrative department, procurement department, the director of Shanxi Factory, and others respectively summarized the work for 2023 and the work plan for 2024.


Summary of wonderful speeches from the departments:


In business sales, as long as customers do not give up on us, we will never give up on potential customers. We cannot slack off on ourselves until the last moment. Although things are difficult, we will succeed.


In terms of technological innovation, it is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on chemical production technology, focuses on methanol and its downstream, and derives high-end fine chemicals and high-end new materials to the outside world, characterized by technology and services.


Provide an effective response at the first time to the after sales service, fulfill our promises to our customers, and make every effort to meet customer needs.


Adhere to the sense of urgency of "not waiting", the sense of crisis of "not being slow", the sense of responsibility of "not letting go", and the sense of mission of "not stopping", all projects will start on schedule, and safe operation is our goal! "


Focus on profit.


Excellent employee awards and speeches by outstanding employee representatives. Excellent employees are our benchmark and role model in our work. You have worked hard in 2023!


The representative of outstanding employees said, "Thank you to the company for recognizing the work of the past year and realizing the significance of hard work. This award represents honor and recognition, as well as responsibility and mission. I hope to work side by side with colleagues in the future, and wish the company rapid development and prosperity."


At the end of the meeting, the chairman made a concluding speech: "We are grateful for having so many partners and teams working together until today. After seven years of experience, many people have become" the genius ". We hope that more" the genius "will appear in 2024, and next year we will have higher requirements for our team. We hope to build a truly victorious team and move forward to make a qualitative change for the company."


Once again, thank you to every colleague who has put in effort in various positions in 2023. Although the office location and project are different, we will still: "Riding the wind and waves, dragons soar across the sea" in 2024!

Annual Summary Conference 

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